Russia tortures christians

The story the news media is not telling you about Ukraine is that Russians are torturing and murdering Ukrainian Christians in occupied territories for their faith.

Russians are weaponizing religion. They are making a Holy War out of Ukraine, a Russian Orthodox Jihad.

Protestants are targeted disproportionately. American missionaries have been coming to Ukraine for decades. As a result, Protestants make up about 4% of the Ukrainian population. However, they comprise more than a third of the documented incidents of Russian persecution. At least 26 Christian leaders have been killed for their faith.

Among Protestants, Baptists are particularly hard hit. The Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary reports the loss of some 400 Baptist congregations since the beginning of the full scale Russian invasion. 

Why are Protestants being persecuted? Russians associate Protestants, particularly evangelicals, with the United States. The Russian Orthodox Church is a working arm of the Kremlin, so Russian soldiers assume that Protestants are agents of the American government.

In his Interview Putin stated his pro-choice position on abortion. If you want to learn more about the family values of Vladimir Putin, search for Putin interview.


They were persecuted and tortured by russian soldiers

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