Ukrainian Evangelical Leader’s Plea After Russian Attack Kills Pastor’s Daughter and Baby 


Pavlo Unguryan, Ukraine’s Evangelical Leader, is addressing the people of America after a brutal attack by Russia which used Iranian drones to attack a residential building in Odessa. Many people were killed including the family of a Ukraine’s Baptist Pastor – his daughter and her 3 months old baby on the 2nd of March, 2024. 

It is Sunday today. But there is great sorrow in my city, Odessa, because last night Russia used Iranian drones to attack this residential apartment building, resulting in the deaths of many civilians, including a young lady and her 3-month-old baby, and the family of Nicolai Sidak (Ukrainian Baptist Pastor).

Right now, I am here with my family, along with all the people of Odessa. There are thousands of people here with flowers and children’s toys.

My entire city is in great pain and grieving.

What Russia is doing here, against our people, our churches, and our pastors, is appalling.

Please, pray for our pastor Nicolai Sidak and his family. Our churches are coming together to support them.

We are appealing to all American Evangelical Christians. Please, pray for us!

Help us, brothers and sisters, because Russia wants to kill us.

Russia wants to extinguish all faith and freedom in our country.

Russia is aligning with Iran, North Korea, and other evil forces to destroy and eradicate Christianity worldwide.

Please, help us.

Lord Jesus, bless America!

Lord Jesus, save Ukraine.

Lord Jesus, help these people and this family in Jesus’ name.