Surviving Torture: A Ukrainian Pastor’s Story of Faith and Persecution under Russian Occupation

The pastor of “The Assembly of God” evangelical church, Serhiy Kosyak, tells his story of surviving tortures under the Russian occupation.

His only fault was being an evangelical believer. “When Russia invaded Ukraine, the first people to be persecuted and tortured were believers. “ – recollects Serhiy. Russians had everything for the tortures: whips, clubs, tongs.

They organised a torture chamber for believers like him.

The Russians couldn’t break his faith: “I was naked, lying in a pool of blood, my whole body covered with bruises. I didn’t ask my torturers for mercy, I didn’t beg. I just prayed loudly. When they were not beating me, I was trying to tell them about God ”

Serhiy’s assistant Oleksandr, whom Russians imprisoned and tortured as well, couldn’t survive all the beatings.

Please, pray for Ukraine!